Communications Committee

Bridle Ridge has several means for communicating important information to our neighborhood. Please be sure your profile on the website is set up with a correct email address so that you will receive all notifications.

Website - The website is a great resource with many HOA documents, announcements, reservationsfor the clubhouse and tennis and more.

Email Blasts - Emails will be sent to the entire community that are HOA sponsored. These include social event updates, security matters and HOA announcements. Please note that while we all will work to help with lost pets, we cannot use the email system to share this information. Please post those on the Bridle Ridge Neighbors Facebook page.

Front Community Board - this is reserved for HOA sponsored communications only. We cannot post school activities or other special events here. If you have a non-HOA sign to post you may post it on an independent sign next to the community board. Carole Hoemeke has metal stands available to borrow if you need one.

Facebook - Bridle Ridge Neighbors page is the perfect place to post information about items for sale, ask for or suggest vendors, restuarants and repairmen, and special events and fundraisers. We do ask that you keep it positive!   The FB page is not managed by the HOA.  When logged into the Bridle Ridge web site you can see the last 4 posts to the BR Facebook page.  Access the BR Facebook page directly at

Garage Sales - Because of traffic and security concerns, the HOA asks that garage sales be limited to the first weekend of the month. You may request that the Bridle Ridge Garage Sale sign be posted that weekend. Typically, Bridle Ridge hosts a large multi-family garage sale the first weekend of May.

Neighborhood Directory - from time to time a printed directory is produced and distributed to the neighborhood, sponsored by many small businesses of our neighbors. There is also a directory on the website for more up-to-date information.

For any questions or to submit communication requests you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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